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Water Containment
Rain on Roof

DurohRubber is an acrylic polymer emulsion, an encapsulation sealant, engineered to provide an exceptional adhesive, elastic, a protective rubber layer.


Spray or brush applied at ambient temperature.

Cures to a seamless membrane.

Corrosion resistant.

Chemical resistant.

Features & Benefits
Corner of a Roof Gutter
  • This product serves a variety of purposes: waterproofing, corrosion protection and more.

  • Water salt & Acid rain resistant.

  • It elongates up to 300%, with 98% recovery.

  • Exceptional UV resistance, elastic & waterproofing properties.

  • This durable product can withstand temperature changes and surface shifts without becoming cracked or strained.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Contains no lead.

  • VOC Free

  • Contains no solvents

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